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April 8, 2019

March and April Birthdays
Alex            3/6
Beckett       3/20
Billy             3/27

Kate            4/1
Gavin           4/7
Grace C.      4/13   
Charlotte    4/22
Clara           4/23


Thursday, April 11     Parent-Kid Basketball Game 6:00  
Wednesday, April 24  School Board Meeting 6:30
Friday, May 10           Mother's Day Lunch 11:30 - Early Dismissal 12:30
Thursday, May 30      School Spring Concert 6:30
Thursday, June 6       8th Grade Graduation 7:00
Thursday, June 13     Last Day of School - 11:15 Dismissal  (as of April 8)

Principal's Message

Our recycling and composting program continues despite being able to recycle less than before. The 6-7-8 class is working really hard to make a difference and contribute to a sustainable future. The collection of plastic bags stops on April 12. Thanks for everyone who contributed! Keep recycling! 

The after-school program runs everyday from 3:15-5:30 unless there is an early release day. Please let the school know the first day of each week when your child will attend (if possible). There will be no after-school program on our early dismissals on 12/12 and 12/21.

If your child will be absent from school, please contact the school by 8:30 AM on that day. This a safety measure besides being a heads up for the classroom teacher. 

Keep up-to-date on our website:    


The spring track schedule is up!


There are many other opportunities to play chess .The Ellsworth chess club meets at the Ellsworth Library Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:00 while the Bangor Chess Club meets Wednesday evenings at BAM. 

Go to for all events and chess activities.

 Lunch is $2.60, Breakfast is $1.50, reduced lunch is $.40.  Cold Lunch or snack Milk is  $.40. Adult meals are $4.00 for lunch and $2.00 for breakfast.
Please send payment in advance  for the breakfasts, lunches and milks your children plan to eat.
**You may apply to the free or reduced rate lunch program at any time.**
The monthly menus are posted on our website.


Please return library books so that others may enjoy them!
The Airline Community Library is for community residents as well as the school.  The library offers books for young children, school aged children, young adults and grown-ups alike.  The children’s fiction and non-fiction books are cataloged on the public computer. Wi-Fi is available at the library and there is one public computer available. In order to make the library open to the public, we need volunteers to open the library, call the school office if you can help.

Hannaford Helps Schools has extended the products that result in dollars for our school.  Most Hannaford brand products count towards money for our school. Brewer Hannaford is where the collection tower is for Airline, if you shop in a different location please send the coupons into the school office. They must be turned in before December. 

Please save BOX TOPS for education coupons. Please check the expiration dates on the Box Tops for Education coupons found on product packaging before sending them in to the school office. Please send in collected Box Tops coupons as soon as possible to help the school.  The next batch of Box Tops will be mailed in at the beginning of May.  If you get on-line coupons from Box Tops, please enter them on-line for our school yourself (the instructions are on the coupons.) Thank you for all your support.