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Philosophy of Education 
for the 
Airline Community School 

                                             The Philosophy of Education for the Airline Community School (the School) comprises a combination of applied principles or concepts: 

        I. That as an institution of public education, the School is dedicated to the common good. 
        II.That a citizenry that is well-educated, informed, and engaged is essential to the functioning of a democratic society; to the achievement of full Life, the maintenance of Liberty, and the wholesome Pursuit of Happiness. 
        III. That the school's pursuit of education stands on and incorporates the following components: 
                A. Community engagement, by means of elected representatives to the school committee from the tax-paying towns participating. 
                B. The Superintendent. 
                C. The Teaching Staff and the Principal. 
                D. The Physical plant (school building and grounds) and its associated supports, i.e., maintenance staff, bus drivers, school supplies and other educational resources, gymnasium, library, kitchen, etc. 
                E. The State and Federal supports offered through Departments of Education, education grants, and agencies such as the Maine School Management Association. 
        IV. That the school exists in part for ancillary purposes in the community, as a meeting place, as well as a general educational resource, and cultural center. 
        V. That the student is the primary focus of all of the resources of the school. 
                A. That every child of school age who lives in the Airline Community, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, religion (or lack thereof), gender, sexual preference or sexual identity, or disability is entitled to benefit from the full                         offerings of the School, free of any discrimination or prejudice. 
                B. That the goals of the School are defined so as to: 
                        1. Recognize and nurture the innate curiosity and joy of learning in children, reveal and inspire it. 
                        2. Discover and encourage the natural aptitudes of each student. 
                        3. Expose students to opportunities to expand their interests. 
                        4. Provide tools, physical and conceptual, for students to explore educational opportunities
                        5. Offer knowledge and understanding in the fields of: 
                                a. Social and cultural history 
                                b. Natural history 
                                c. Mathematics 
                                d. Literature 
                                e. The arts 
                        6. Incorporate physical and intellectual play, integrating the synergistic functions of body and mind. 
                        7. Develop qualities of character, i.e., honesty, integrity, fairness, healthy competition, teamwork, cooperation, compassion, dedication, persistence, diligence, empathy, courageousness. 
                        8. Promote questioning, curiosity, reasoning, analysis, healthy skepticism, healthy dialogue, critical thinking and conceptualization; as well as the development of fine and gross motor skills. 
                        9. Encourage creativity and innovation. 
                        10. Instill to the fullest measure, curiosity and wonder, and the passion for learning and discovery as a life-long endeavor. 
                        11. Strive to set each child on a path toward the full actualization of his/her potential. 
                        12. Provide a clean and safe environment that is conducive to intellectual exploration and discovery, which encourages and supports self-expression. 
                        13. Recognize that the family is at the source of any child's education, and reinforce the participation of families in the school. 
                        14. Recognize the importance of health in students' ability to learn, and act to promote healthful life practices, i.e., healthful diet, exercise, sleep. 
                        15. Instill the core value that All are Created Equal, that everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. Instill as well, the value of self-respect. 
                        16. Equip students with socially acceptable tools and skills for conflict resolution. 

                C. Toward the achievement of the stated goals, to provide a dedicated and skilled, well-organized staff of educators who are equipped with state-of- art teaching technology and resources, including current theory, science,                     art, and best practices regarding nurturing the developing brain.